Vertical integration, innovative research and development.
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Approaches to Sustainable Development Goals

  • 就業與經濟成長
  • 工業、創新和基礎措施
  • 責任消費與生產
  • 海洋生態
ESG Report

Company Overview

Everest was founded in 1988, from yarn, weaving/knitting, dyeing and finishing, post-processing to ready-to-wear, and is an internationally renowned smart textile factory for innovation and sustainability. Everest has the advantage of being a vertically integrated factory, from research and development, raw materials, manufacturing process to products, with the mission of meeting customer needs, it is committed to developing textiles that are harmless to humans and ecology and promoting the concepts of “safe fabrics” and “dressing healthy”. Everest’s main products are false twisted yarns, which combine functionality and fashion, and are ecologically innovative fabrics for sports, outdoor and urban applications. In order to maintain a leading position in innovation, Everest took the lead in the domestic textile industry by establishing a national-level R&D center “Everest Technology Research Center” in 2003, transforming from “physical textile” to “chemical textile”, and invests 3% - 4% of its annual turnover in R&D and innovation. Adhering to environmental friendliness and in line with the sustainable environmental protection policy of international brands, we use environmentally friendly materials to develop solutions that are more environmentally friendly, such as solution dye, collagen yarn, oyster yarn and Recycle Spandex yarn. We also develop fluorinefree water-repellent fabrics, combined with smart production, reduce the amount of pharmaceutical usage. In recent years, extreme weather has become a common pattern amid global climate change, which has led to a substantial increase in the demand for composite functional textiles. Everest’s long-fiber, staplefiber and knitted products provide a differentiated basis for composite functional products, and use emerging material technologies through cross-industry integration and innovation. Demonstrate Everest’s strength in high-performance composite textiles.

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Overview Of Everest

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